Sep 9, 2012

Women started in journalism!

The Iraqi first lady, Hero Khan Ibrahim, and the German Consul in Erbil, Rolf Ulrich, took part in the closing ceremony for the 'Women start in journalism'-course of IMCK. On September 6, 2012, thirteen young women from Sulaymaniya and surroundings were given their certificates after finishing the six weeks course in basic journalism.

The ceremony took place at the Rewan Hall in Sulaymaniya. Hero Khan was presented with a copy of the newspaper the women made during the course, and a news program that they made was shown. Mr Ulrich stressed in his speech to the participants the need for women to work in journalism in Kurdistan and to report on common subjects, as they will notice different details than their male colleagues.

The ceremony finalized six weeks of training in which print, internet and TV were covered. Trainers were Khaled Sulaiman (lead trainer), Ako Mohammed and Shwan Mohammed (print), Salam Ibrahim and Mustafa Qais (TV), Sardasht Aziz (internet, design), Amin Anwer (editing) and Beshad  Shwani (camera).

Rewan newspaper will in its next issue publish a number of pages with stories made by the participants.

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