Jun 27, 2012

Aras Publishers hosts conference for debut book on Iraq’s natural resources

ERBIL, June 27 (AKnews) – A conference was held at Erbil-based Aras Publishers for The Treasures of Iraq (Kunuz al-Iraq), which explores the theme of natural resources in the country.  

The conference panel included member of the oil and gas committee in the Kurdistan parliament Avin Omer, trainee at the Independent Media Center of Kurdistan and journalist Khalid Sulaiman and advisor for the region's cabinet of ministers Ahmed Mufti. 

Omer said the committee is aware of oil deals signed by the region’s government and the Ministry of Natural Resources’ activity.

Omer added that debate in region's parliament is more flexible than Iraq's parliament. You can receive information about oil deals easier, he said.

Mufti stated: "There are challenges everywhere in the world. For example, the Kurdistan Region is land locked but despite that the government has executive power in implementing the activity in the oil and gas fileds.

"What the region needs is skilled workers on the ground and a new generation who has experience to support development and lead the companies."

Suleiman, who was the supervisor for the preparation of the book, said the book can be studied at journalism schools as a source.   

"The Treasures of Iraq is the product of three workshops that were held during 2011 and 2012, under the supervision of the Independent Media Center with the participation of Misalla organization and the journalists of Kirkuk, funded by IPA organization,” Suleiman previously said.

"The book discusses several issues, including oil, water, gas and ways to access the information about these natural resources, along with the issue of transparency, the role of natural resources in sustainable development and human development, in addition to addressing the issues of preservation of the environment, especially because the process of extracting oil can damage the environment and can be avoided by following a policy that can preserve the environment."

The Treasures of Iraq was recently released by Aras Publishers within its 2012 publications and includes stories and press reports about natural resources in Iraq. It was edited and supervised by Suleiman.

By Hemn Hadi


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